Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I noticed on the site, that they have a report about Keita Takahashi. The report goes on about him confirming his leave with Namco Bandai for other plans. It does mention about his playground idea, but here's the link to see for yourself.

I did notice however that they didn't comment on him coming to an epic college in the summer of this year. Must of forgot.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gambit Story

Gambit landed on the bins out on the back street. Every bin fell over making a huge racket and dropping all the rubbish that was inside them. Gambit picked himself off the floor and stood up removing the odd banana peel that was dangling on his shoulder. The back door opened, letting out a bright light coming from inside. Gambit quickly hides round behind one of the last bins standing. He crouched behind, so he couldn’t be seen. He saw a girl figure leave the building and she looked around whispering “daddy, daaaddyyy.” She started rummaging around the fallen bins on the floor, litter was flying all over the place. She got closer and closer to Gambit without noticing. Gambit could make out features on her face. She looked young and had long black hair, with make up all over her face. Her clothes were ripped apart and hanging off her body. She looked a mess. Gambit couldn’t get to grips who she was and why she wanted him. Gambit figured to himself that she had probably been in a fight and had gone and bashed her head on the floor. He stood up and revealed himself. “ There you are. I saw you playing cards back inside and I thought you were amazing.” She walked up closer to him. “I like a man who can play his cards right.” She whispered down his ear. She had her arms round his neck and started kissing his face. Gambit pushed her away and stood far away from her as possible.

“Who are you?” Gambit shouted, the girl looked shocked that Gambit didn’t know who she was. “Silly, you know who I am” “Get away from me” shouts Gambit and he runs away. He doesn’t look back he just carries on running. Gambit jumps to the left and back into another dark lonely ally. He stumbles over some cardboard boxes and falls flat on the floor. He had cut his leg on some of the glass that had been smashed on the floor. He could make out that the girl was heading towards him. Gambit tried to get himself up, but failed and fell back on the floor. He fell back on the glass and cut his arms and hands. He tried to drag himself further up the ally, but every time he moved his arm or legs it made the pain from the glass worse. However Gambit was not giving up, even if he came out the ally with no arms or legs, he would much rather live like that then be left with that strange girl down here. Gambit dragged himself further and further, he didn’t look back to see how close the girl was. He kept moving until, he was being pulled back. The girl grabbed onto his leg and dragged him back. Gambit refused and tried to stop the girl. When he began struggling the girl grabbed a bit of glass poking form his leg and started pushing it in. Gambit was in agony.

Gambit could not take anymore of this and lifted himself of the ground and jumped straight for the girl. He knocked her over and she bashed her head on the near wall. The girl was knocked out. Gambit had time to pull out each and everyone of the bits of glass sticking in his arms, legs and hands. Soon after he put the girl on his shoulders and carried her back to the club where he first met her that evening. He cleaned all her wounds in the nearest toilet and sat her back at one of the tables with a drink and a note next to it. The note read “from daddy”. She looked around to see if he was still around. But she was too late. He was gone.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Part 2 Of Jean Grey story

Here is Part 2 of my home work

The sight ahead was barley visible. We had lost the guys who had been chasing us for miles. However I still thought to myself that it was over, but more was to come as we started to land the car. We gradually reach land and had all 4 wheels on the road. I promised Jean Grey that I would protect and wouldn’t let anyone take to use her as a weapon of destruction. I always had feelings for Jean Grey and I thought she had too, until I saw her with Cyclops. Ever since that day I saw them both together I started to stay away as I would only fool myself in thinking she liked me for more than a friend. But, as a friend she needed help and that was what I was going to do.

We were driving in the middle of nowhere and barley had enough fuel left in the car, we were going to have to carry on our journey on foot. The car came to a slowing halt and packed in instantly Jean tried to start the engine again, no use. We both stepped out the car. We both tried to take in our surroundings and to see what was up ahead. I looked at my phone and it was no good, one there was no signal and the battery was almost dead. We carried on our journey my carrying it on by foot.

It seemed hours had gone past as we walk miles and miles down the same one road. I turned round and the car was not to be seen. I kept checking to see if Jean was ok. She looked tired, but still had determined look on her face. A slight rumbling noise came from straight ahead. The sound got louder and louder as it came closer to us. Soon in sight was a motorbike. The heat was getting to me and I got dizzy. I looked at Jean and she was a blur to me. I heard the bike get nearer and nearer to us and I heard the engine stop. I fell to the floor and closed my eyes. I couldn’t go on any further. I could hear Jean talking to someone ahead. Then, I remembered why I was here, to help Jean. I pushed myself up, my eyes still closed I dragged my feet on the ground. One by one I pushed and shouted “Jean, JEAN are you ok?” Hoping for an answer from Jean, I got a new but familiar voice sounding like a mans. I forced my eyes open, to then see Cyclops holding Jean in his arms. “You ok Buddy?” he asked me. I wasn’t ok to see him I would have rather been back lying down on the ground not knowing what was going to happen to me rather than to see him. But it was a ticket out of here and back to safety.

“I called for help. What happened to you two and how did you get here? We tracked Jean down by using her phone”. I then realized something, he didn’t know what was happening to Jean. At that moment he must have had many questions running through his head. Jean must not have told him about what was happening to her. I gave him an answer what I thought Jean would have wanted me to say to him “I..I don’t know, I can’t think right now. My minds a mess”. He just nodded and smiled. He’s not stupid, he knew something was going on. But I would leave it to Jean to tell him in her own time.

I soon saw help.

Friday, 14 May 2010

She bought 2 drinks and sat at the bar.....

…keeping too herself. I only had seen her use that mighty power of hers once, I think it’s breath taking.

I walk over to the bar and tapped her on the shoulder. “Well if it isn’t Jean Grey”. She turns and looks at me, then thinks to herself. Her eyes soon lighten up and she replies back “Harvey? It’s been too long”. “Ten years too long, old friend”. I sat on the stool next to her. Looking into her eyes, I was lost for a moment as she was so beautiful. “I’m glad you agreed to come all the way over here to meet me” She said. Jean looked anxious and said “well there’s a reason I asked you to come here, I need your help”. She turns and looks over to the entrance and stares longingly as if she was waiting for something or someone.

Two men in suits walk in the bar. They stand and scan the building. Once they saw Jean and I, they stopped and started to walk over. Jean and I both look at each other and Jean shouts “RUN Harvey”. I see them getting closer towards us, I saw Jean heading for the fire exit. She turns back and encourages me to follow. I thought to myself what I had gotten into. We ran outside to find help to get away. Jean shouts, “Follow me”. We head for her car. We both literally jump in and Jean sets off without hesitation. I see Jean looking worried while she checks the car mirrors. I ask, “ what’s going on Jean? Tell me Jean”. Still while looking at the road she tells me “They want me. They want me for my powers and I need you to help me”. I knew she had a gift with her powers, but I didn’t know people were desperate to use them for themselves. I looked back and saw the two men following us in the car behind us. At a point like this I thought to myself how were we going to get out of this, but I remembered I was with Jean Grey.

I felt the car shaking, getting faster and faster as we were moving. “What’s happening?” I shouted hoping for a quick answer from Jean. Jean replies back by saying “ I’ve just come prepared for an event like this”. I felt the car lifting from the ground. I looked back at the car behind. I saw their jaws drop and their car swerved to a halt.

We were safe, but for how long.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Sister's Birthday

The sound of laughter and screams from family's enjoying the surroundings of the water park faded away as we turned a corner heading for the locker room. As soon as I turned the corner a long line of lockers were straight ahead, all locked and left with visitors valuables and clothing as they enjoyed a day at the splash park. Except for one! One locker was ripped apart like an neglected and unwanted present. Walking closer and closer to the locker we had realised the locker was ours, the bags were on the edge of falling out after they had been shoved back inside. Opening what was left of the locker we soon discovered not all of our bags and clothes were to be seen nor found. As it hit home to us that most of our stuff had been stolen, my sister and her friends were distraught by the lose of their personal belongings. The fury that was building up inside, sickened me to the point if I had came face to face with the person who had caused this event to us, I would have not been responsible for my actions. As my farther went to get help, I stayed with my sister and her friends hoping that this day which should have been a day to remember for good reasons rather than tragic memories.

The End

This is a true story which happened on the 17th April 2010, so not that long ago.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

My first blog in ages!

Well..... It's been a while since my last blog and since then I have been up to a lot of things over the past month or so and one of those things has been learning to play the drums.

I know what everyones thinking what a quiet person like me playing such a loud instrument like the drums....Well yes that is correct.

I have been learning to play them for just over a month now and I don't like to brag about it but I getting it and picking it up nicely. I been practicing on my own drum kit which had to save up for with the help of my Dad. I always wanted to play the drums for ages (this is going back to year 7) and now I finally start learning.

So thats what I have been up to over the past month and also working on assignments too.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Last week I was set a task to play an RPG. I usually play racing and platformers like Super Mario.

Before being set the task I had only really played one RPG that I can remember and that was Final Fantasy Crisis Core for the PSP. I only played it because it was bundled with my PSP. I played but after that I still didn't go and buy more and more RPG's on the market.

Now a few years later and now I'm a bit older I was set the task to play an RPG. The game I had chosen to play was Blue Dragon for my Xbox 360. I have only been playing the game since Friday and I would say I'm really enjoying it. I like the cartoony art style. Also I like the quick time events that occur in the game. I will watch them and forget I'm playing a game and I think I'm watching an animated film. What I mean is the detail and the characters are so well done they are very believable and can get you carried away.

Gameplay wise, I can't believe how long I spend searching in each area looking for hidden items and gold. I spend ages looking next to every tree around and rock.

So far I have been playing Blue Dragon for just over 4 hours (not at once) and It has kinda made me want to play more RPGs in the future. Lets ope so.

I will carry on blogging about Blue Dragon while I'm still playing it to see If I am still enjoying the game or not.