Sunday, 6 June 2010

Gambit Story

Gambit landed on the bins out on the back street. Every bin fell over making a huge racket and dropping all the rubbish that was inside them. Gambit picked himself off the floor and stood up removing the odd banana peel that was dangling on his shoulder. The back door opened, letting out a bright light coming from inside. Gambit quickly hides round behind one of the last bins standing. He crouched behind, so he couldn’t be seen. He saw a girl figure leave the building and she looked around whispering “daddy, daaaddyyy.” She started rummaging around the fallen bins on the floor, litter was flying all over the place. She got closer and closer to Gambit without noticing. Gambit could make out features on her face. She looked young and had long black hair, with make up all over her face. Her clothes were ripped apart and hanging off her body. She looked a mess. Gambit couldn’t get to grips who she was and why she wanted him. Gambit figured to himself that she had probably been in a fight and had gone and bashed her head on the floor. He stood up and revealed himself. “ There you are. I saw you playing cards back inside and I thought you were amazing.” She walked up closer to him. “I like a man who can play his cards right.” She whispered down his ear. She had her arms round his neck and started kissing his face. Gambit pushed her away and stood far away from her as possible.

“Who are you?” Gambit shouted, the girl looked shocked that Gambit didn’t know who she was. “Silly, you know who I am” “Get away from me” shouts Gambit and he runs away. He doesn’t look back he just carries on running. Gambit jumps to the left and back into another dark lonely ally. He stumbles over some cardboard boxes and falls flat on the floor. He had cut his leg on some of the glass that had been smashed on the floor. He could make out that the girl was heading towards him. Gambit tried to get himself up, but failed and fell back on the floor. He fell back on the glass and cut his arms and hands. He tried to drag himself further up the ally, but every time he moved his arm or legs it made the pain from the glass worse. However Gambit was not giving up, even if he came out the ally with no arms or legs, he would much rather live like that then be left with that strange girl down here. Gambit dragged himself further and further, he didn’t look back to see how close the girl was. He kept moving until, he was being pulled back. The girl grabbed onto his leg and dragged him back. Gambit refused and tried to stop the girl. When he began struggling the girl grabbed a bit of glass poking form his leg and started pushing it in. Gambit was in agony.

Gambit could not take anymore of this and lifted himself of the ground and jumped straight for the girl. He knocked her over and she bashed her head on the near wall. The girl was knocked out. Gambit had time to pull out each and everyone of the bits of glass sticking in his arms, legs and hands. Soon after he put the girl on his shoulders and carried her back to the club where he first met her that evening. He cleaned all her wounds in the nearest toilet and sat her back at one of the tables with a drink and a note next to it. The note read “from daddy”. She looked around to see if he was still around. But she was too late. He was gone.


  1. Watch your use of tense a little bit: you went from past to present/future in the first paragraph!