Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My Sister's Birthday

The sound of laughter and screams from family's enjoying the surroundings of the water park faded away as we turned a corner heading for the locker room. As soon as I turned the corner a long line of lockers were straight ahead, all locked and left with visitors valuables and clothing as they enjoyed a day at the splash park. Except for one! One locker was ripped apart like an neglected and unwanted present. Walking closer and closer to the locker we had realised the locker was ours, the bags were on the edge of falling out after they had been shoved back inside. Opening what was left of the locker we soon discovered not all of our bags and clothes were to be seen nor found. As it hit home to us that most of our stuff had been stolen, my sister and her friends were distraught by the lose of their personal belongings. The fury that was building up inside, sickened me to the point if I had came face to face with the person who had caused this event to us, I would have not been responsible for my actions. As my farther went to get help, I stayed with my sister and her friends hoping that this day which should have been a day to remember for good reasons rather than tragic memories.

The End

This is a true story which happened on the 17th April 2010, so not that long ago.

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