Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Last week I was set a task to play an RPG. I usually play racing and platformers like Super Mario.

Before being set the task I had only really played one RPG that I can remember and that was Final Fantasy Crisis Core for the PSP. I only played it because it was bundled with my PSP. I played but after that I still didn't go and buy more and more RPG's on the market.

Now a few years later and now I'm a bit older I was set the task to play an RPG. The game I had chosen to play was Blue Dragon for my Xbox 360. I have only been playing the game since Friday and I would say I'm really enjoying it. I like the cartoony art style. Also I like the quick time events that occur in the game. I will watch them and forget I'm playing a game and I think I'm watching an animated film. What I mean is the detail and the characters are so well done they are very believable and can get you carried away.

Gameplay wise, I can't believe how long I spend searching in each area looking for hidden items and gold. I spend ages looking next to every tree around and rock.

So far I have been playing Blue Dragon for just over 4 hours (not at once) and It has kinda made me want to play more RPGs in the future. Lets ope so.

I will carry on blogging about Blue Dragon while I'm still playing it to see If I am still enjoying the game or not.

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