Friday, 14 May 2010

She bought 2 drinks and sat at the bar.....

…keeping too herself. I only had seen her use that mighty power of hers once, I think it’s breath taking.

I walk over to the bar and tapped her on the shoulder. “Well if it isn’t Jean Grey”. She turns and looks at me, then thinks to herself. Her eyes soon lighten up and she replies back “Harvey? It’s been too long”. “Ten years too long, old friend”. I sat on the stool next to her. Looking into her eyes, I was lost for a moment as she was so beautiful. “I’m glad you agreed to come all the way over here to meet me” She said. Jean looked anxious and said “well there’s a reason I asked you to come here, I need your help”. She turns and looks over to the entrance and stares longingly as if she was waiting for something or someone.

Two men in suits walk in the bar. They stand and scan the building. Once they saw Jean and I, they stopped and started to walk over. Jean and I both look at each other and Jean shouts “RUN Harvey”. I see them getting closer towards us, I saw Jean heading for the fire exit. She turns back and encourages me to follow. I thought to myself what I had gotten into. We ran outside to find help to get away. Jean shouts, “Follow me”. We head for her car. We both literally jump in and Jean sets off without hesitation. I see Jean looking worried while she checks the car mirrors. I ask, “ what’s going on Jean? Tell me Jean”. Still while looking at the road she tells me “They want me. They want me for my powers and I need you to help me”. I knew she had a gift with her powers, but I didn’t know people were desperate to use them for themselves. I looked back and saw the two men following us in the car behind us. At a point like this I thought to myself how were we going to get out of this, but I remembered I was with Jean Grey.

I felt the car shaking, getting faster and faster as we were moving. “What’s happening?” I shouted hoping for a quick answer from Jean. Jean replies back by saying “ I’ve just come prepared for an event like this”. I felt the car lifting from the ground. I looked back at the car behind. I saw their jaws drop and their car swerved to a halt.

We were safe, but for how long.

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  1. This is a great romantic view of Jean; and by romantic I don't mean kissy-kissy. More tomorrow!