Sunday, 17 January 2010

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Since Marios debute into the video game world he has been in a lot of game genres from racing to a RPG and Sports to party games. But the on genre which he basically owns the title of is the platformer genre. Over the years Mario has moved up from starting in 2-D and now in 3-D titles from the likes of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.

Right, I was set a task to play any game I want and blog about about the pros and cons of that game. The game I had choosen was the New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game takes Mario back into 2-D platforming back on the home console and which had not been seen for 19 years on the Super Nintendo.

The game adds new features ino the series for example having 4 players at once in the same level. One person controls Mario and three others take the roles of Luigi, and two toads (one yellow and one blue).

Another feature is having more power ups to play with and help you through the 80 levels ahead and thats not including the mini games too. The new power ups include a propeller suit, an ice suit and a penguin suit. They are all enjoyable addisions to the game put a personal favurite of mine is the propeller suit as it lets you exceed new heights to find extra coins and hidden doors to earn power ups (extra lives).

Graphics wise the game looks nice but the game morely focuses on gameplay, very addictive and stressful gameplay. What I mean is when you die or finish a level you want to carry on playing and I keep saying to myself "one more go, one more go" and you could be playing the game for ages and keep saying that to yourself. It can be stressful as the level dificulty is very hard and I could be dieing stupidly and get really stressed out at it as I always die at a certain part, but as it so addictive I still carry on playing it.

  • Addictive
  • 4 players at once is very fun with family and friends
  • great selection of power ups
  • Thoughtful and interesting levels (Most level challenge the player by making them think how to get through the level)
  • Brillient gamplay
  • Hard (I put this in the advantages as you don't won't the game to be too easy which makes it boring to play).
  • Keeps the gamer interested (long lasting)
  • Great soundtrack


  • Can be stressful
  • annoying enemies appaer when you don't want them too.
  • More Yoshi please

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