Sunday, 18 October 2009

Video Game Animator

Being an animator in the video game industry is something I would like to do for a living.
The main skills needed to be a good animator is to have skills in traditional animation (2D) and in modern computer animation (3D).
When you finally get a job being an animator in the future, for the first three years you can earn up to £28,500 a year. Then after those three years the next three you can earn a decent £41,000 a year.
Then the next three you can get around £46,000 a year.
If you get hired as a lead animator, your first three years you can earn around £49,000 a year and then after those or even longer you can earn an excellent £80,000 to a whopping £130,000 a year.

An animator's main talent is their imagination. You need to be very creative to be an animator, as you are brining the characters in the game to life.

But what does an animator do?
If working with 3D animation like in video games, first an animator will draw out the character they want to animate freehand and then they will scan them into the computer and manipulate them with the software on the computer.
To be a video game animator you need to be dedicated to spend long hours in front of the computer animating their characters and bringing them to life.

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