Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bloody SONY!

Yesterday should of been an enjoyable day for as I had just bought a brand new SONY PSP go from game station. sadly it turned out to be really stressful.
When I got home from game station with my new PSP go I charged it, updated it, entered my PSN details and then it told me to deactivate 5 other PSPs before I could download anything. WTF!!!
Over the years I have had all the PSP models and some I have sold at game station and Ebay and some have broke.
But never have I been told at game station or by Sony to deactivate them.
So soon enough I'm on the phone to SONY UK and I'm talking to someone half way round the world and all she can tell me to deactivate the other PSPs.
Then I tell her that it's not humanly possible to do that as how can I track down a broken PSP from 3 years ago? Then she asks me if I can remember the products number at the bottom of the PSPs.
I say I can't as the product number is about 25 digits long.

Then I tell her I want to speak to someone higher constantly other and other again.
Then she says finally OK sir.
For then then him to tell me that it's going to take a week or two to deactivate the other PSPs.
So I said to him so basically I have spent £250 today and I can't do anything with it.
He says that is correct sir.
So I'm saying to him I'm getting my money back because this is useless and I'm getting a brand new Ipod touch because at least the ipod is more reliable.
He then says to me OK sir.

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