Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Computer game platforms and technologys

Today I played the following games Left for Dead, Counter Strike, Counter Strike Source for the PC, Unreal Tourament 3 for PS3 and Street Fighter 4 for the Xbox 360.

I mainly want to compare counter strike and counter strike source. Counter strike source is a newly updated version of counter strike. The main difference i found was that the graphics had changed dramatically. For example the textures on counter strike weren't not as detailed as on source. Also the characters were very pixelated. The hills and objects were all very rectangular and looked quite poor. On counter strike source the sound quality was alot better for example the background music and sound effects.
I also experienced alot of lag on the original conter strike this is not good as it ruins the game and makes the game less fun.

I also had a look on left for dead on the PC. I have played a bit of left for dead on the Xbox 360 and can clearly see that the PC version of the game has better graphics. I alos prefer playing shooters with a xbox or playstation controller compared to using a keyboard and mouse. I would also like to mention about the first cinematic cutscene for left fo dead and I was quite impressed. The cut scene looked well animated and was well rendered. It made great use of the surround sound and had some decent sound effects. The voice acting was ok as I thought it could of been better. But overall i think the cutscene was good and gets the gamer in the mood for the game.

I also had a little go on street fighter 4 for the xbox 360. I had never played this game since today and I had high expectations. Sadly It did not meet them. I did like the graphics street fighter 4, as I like the style of the art. But I didn't like the controls as it was very complex.

Overall it was a good lesson and I enjoyed it.

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